MP Slutsky's daughter owns luxurious mansion, undeclared

MP Slutsky's daughter owns luxurious mansion, undeclared
Irina Slutskaya's dacha

Irina Slutskaya acquired a mansion of almost 600 squares in 23 years; taking into account the income of her father, indicated in the declarations, he would have to save for his daughter's dacha for about 25 years.

New details about the fortune of State Duma deputy Leonid Slutsky's family are revealed. So, last time journalists found out that the wife of the parliamentarian owns a penthouse in the residential complex Kutuzovskaya Riviera, now Novaya Gazeta has detected the 'modest' mansion of the MP's daughter (her father was accused of harassment).

According to the publication, Irina Slutskaya, 27, acquired a mansion with an area of 591 square meters in the area of 31 acres in the Millennium Park elite complex on Novorizhskoe Highway, when she was 23 years old.

The article notes that the cost of the dacha is about 140 million rubles ($2m) and it is unlikely that Irina, working at that time as an assistant to the editor of Harper's Bazaar, could afford such a purchase for her salary. As for Slutsky, he earned about 5.5 million rubles a year, that is, 458 thousand rubles a month, according to his declaration. This is ten times more than the average salary in the country. But he would have to save money for about 25 years, without making any other waste.

The deputy, commenting on his fortune, said that he had come to politics as a successful businessman and earned enough to afford a luxurious life now.

However, Novaya Gazeta notes that according to Slutsky's declaration of 2006, he can not be called a rich man: he got only 550 thousand rubles on his bank's account, he owned neither shares nor securities. The only source of income was the work in the apparatus of the State Duma.

After ten years' service as the MP, Slutsky and his wife got the expensive property - they own three apartments, a cottage on Rublyovka, Maybach and two Bentley. At the same time, the official income of the deputy's wife never exceeded 230.000 rubles a year.

Let's add that Leonid Slutsky was accused of sexual harassment by three journalists. The Ethics Commission of the State Duma did not find any violations in the behavior of Slutsky and did not apply any penalties to him.



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