Move over, Mara! New reckless girl driving Mercedes at 200mph 

Move over, Mara! New reckless girl driving Mercedes at 200mph
Racing along Moscow Beltway

Silver-spooners continue boasting their road exploits and uploading Instagram videos, despite a special Moscow department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs monitoring a number of public pages on social media daily.

There has been much resentment on Internet over a new speeding video posted by a famous Instagram account majorka_63, where the so-called golden youth boasts their luxurious life and road "exploits". They are mostly female, hence the account name (“majorka” means a female silver-spooner, i.e. a daughter of rich parents).

The video features a female driving a Mercedes AMG along the Moscow Ring Road, speeding up to 120mph, which is almost three times the speed limit.

However, followers are questioning the authenticity of the video in the comment section, accusing the author of falsification for provocation purposes. One of the commenters suggested that the speed was not exceeding 110 mph, judging by overtaking trucks and flickering poles.

"A car flicks by like a fly even at 170 mph, while here the stream is barely flowing. Tracks and poles should flash by like crazy at this speed! ", wrote another subscriber.

In addition, the hand on the steering wheel does not look much like a woman's hand.

It is worth mentioning that the video was posted anonymously, and the precaution is quite prudent given the campaign against reckless silver-spooners on the road that began about a year ago.

Late in March, the media reported that a Moscow department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs had been instructed to daily monitor public pages on social networks looking for videos with traffic violators. Every recording with signs of traffic violations is investigated.

Shashki.msk, Majorka63 and RichRussianKids are some of the accounts that are closely monitored. There is also a list of people repeatedly caught by the traffic police. Among them are Ruslan Shamsuarov, Deni Kavtarov, Maksim Amirsalanov, Mara Bagdasaryan and Murad Balakerimov, well-known among the golden youth.

Video: Silver-spooner driving Mercedes AMG at 320 kmp



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