Mother who bought her son unregistered drugs avoids criminal punishment

Mother who bought her son unregistered drugs avoids criminal punishment

Earlier, customs officers seized the package from Muscovite and put the boy’s life at risk.

The Metropolitan Police refused to initiate a criminal case against Elena Bogolyubova, detained by customs officers with a parcel that kept unregistered in the Russian Federation drugs. The inspection's materials of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs returned to Moscow customs, the press service of the department reports.

"The study of the materials received showed that the results of the pre-investigation check carried out by customs officers do not contain corpus delicti," spokesman Yuri Titov explained.

On July 16, the director of the children's hospice, Lida Moniava, whose organization observes 10-year-old son of Bogolyubova, spoke about the detention of the mother with a package. According to the mother, the doctors advised her to purchase Frisium for a child suffering from the Batten disease. After receiving the parcel, the Muscovite was detained by customs officers, they accused her of the smuggling of psychotropic substance clobazam, which is banned in Russia.

The Ministry of Health explained that a limited amount of narcotic or psychotropic substances can be imported into the country with the presence of doctors' prescriptions. Frisium was not included in the State Register of Medicinal Products and did not pass a safety check on patients.

The package was seized. According to Bogolyubova, her son could die without this medicine, like his younger sister at the beginning of the year. Stomach bleeds without it, Bogolyubova says.



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