Mother of ten children beaten and starved to death in Nizhny Novgorod detention center

Mother of ten children beaten and starved to death in Nizhny Novgorod detention center
Natalia Ilyina in court

Already at the spring court session on the arrest extension, the woman was delivered on a stretcher and unconscious.

Natalya Ilyina, 61, who was suspected of attempted fraud, died of starvation in Nizhny Novgorod’s pre-trial detention center No. 1. During the custody the healthy woman turned into a skeleton. At the court hearing on arrest extension, the suspect was delivered on a stretcher and unconscious, but that did not bother anyone – Ilyina was returned to the detention center, MK reports.

“She ate what she was given. And it is difficult to call that food. The cell did not meet the sanitary norms – there were cockroaches, the walls were covered with mold,” lawyer Alexandra Smirnova said.

According to her, there was no refrigerator in the cell, so they were forbidden to accept food from relatives, and were refused to accept a refrigerator as a gift. In addition, the cellmates smoked, which also affected Ilyina’s health.

On April 30, Ilyina was brought to the court on a stretcher. She did not recognize anyone, “was delirious, mumbled something of little meaning.” The defense asked to free her from custody, mentioned the disabled husband and children who were students, but did not achieve the bail. When Ilyina came to her senses, she complained that she was not being fed in the detention facility and asked for milk. The exhausted woman could not drink herself.

On the May holidays, according to Smirnova, Ilyina was placed in a psychiatric ward, of which the lawyer did not know. There, nobody supposedly cared about her. According to the lawyer, the woman was not fed there either and was beaten before hospitalization. On May 8 Ilyina died.

Smirnova defends another two people who are held in the given facility of Nizhny Novgorod. According to the lawyer, one of them was given psychotropic drugs once and was put in a punishment cell for several days. Another client, despite her pregnancy, is allegedly restricted in food. The lawyers sent complaints to the Prosecutor's Office, the Presidential Administration, the ICR, and the ombudsman.



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