Mother of Protestny Kuzbass coordinator convicted of bruising policeman with fingernail

Mother of Protestny Kuzbass coordinator convicted of bruising policeman with fingernail

The incident occurred at a protest against the pension reform.

Novokuznetsk’s Central District Court, the Kemerovo Region, sentenced the mother of the Protestny Kuzbass movement, Olga Gyammer, to 1.5 years in prison for use of violence against a police officer (part 1 of Article 318 CCRF). According to the case materials, at the protest against the pension reform, the police officer received “a bruise caused by the back of the nail plate,” Taiga.Info reports.

“I will insist, if the second instance holds the same position, that the case goes to the ECHR. This is, in fact, an act of pressure on me because of activism,” the son of the convict, Lev Gyammer, said.

Lev himself has three administrative penalties for protest actions and frozen accounts. His mother’s suspended sentence can be replaced by a real prison time if within one and a half years she commits another administrative violation.

According to Olga Gyammer, the police officer grabbed the hand a Protestny Kuzbass protester Mila Zemtsova by the hand so strongly that she was about to lose consciousness, and Gyammer “slapped” his arm.

“I didn’t do anything with malicious intent, I just wanted to set the girl, who almost fainted, free. I slapped his arm, I thought the grip would loosen so that the blood would at least start going, but it turned out like this,” Gyammer said to the Belsat publication. 

The policeman did not immediately notice the “injury” and went to court only a few days later. The hearing was repeatedly postponed due to the victim’s absence. At the first hearing, the operatives detained an observer – an activist of the Protestny Kuzbass, Igor Gorlanov. They tried to initiate a case on disobedience of a legal demand of a police officer, but the ICR did not believe the police.



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