Most Russians want decisive changes in the country

Most Russians want decisive changes in the country
Photo: Eduard Korniyenko / Reuters

People are becoming more and more disappointed.

The share of Russians in favor of decisive changes has grown over the past two years from 42 to 59% - those are the findings of a joint study by the Carnegie Moscow Center and the Levada Center, which were published by Vedomosti.

According to the survey, 31% said they would prefer minor changes, another 8% did not need any changes, and 53% of those surveyed are convinced that radical changes are possible only if there is a serious change in the political system. In the present lay of the land, 34% said they want global reforms.

The authors of the study note that the figures do not mean that people are completely ready for a change of power, but dissatisfaction is indeed growing in society. Such sentiments will increasingly erupt in protests.



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