Most Russians believe Putin responsible for all woes

Most Russians believe Putin responsible for all woes
Vladimir Putin

A year earlier, the number was 45%.

55% of Russians believe that President Vladimir Putin is to blame for the country’s problems and the ever-rising cost of living. Another 37% believe that the responsibility lies with the ministers and the government.

According to RBC that cited the findings of the Levada Center polls, a year earlier, 45% and 30% of Russians adhered to the opinion, respectively. The governors, local authorities and businesses are the least responsible for what is going on, according to the respondents.

Besides, this year, the Russians were asked who was responsible for the country’s economic success in their opinion. 55% of respondents said Vladimir Putin takes credit for that, too.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that Russians’ average supermarket check in November was 4.6% that of the previous months, 528 rubles ($8). Experts say that the increase in daily expenses of Russians have been far exceeding the monthly inflation lately.

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