Moscow woman who jumped out of window with kids wrote poems about life after death 

Moscow woman who jumped out of window with kids wrote poems about life after death
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According to a theory, Lyudmila Sokolova, 36, suffered from postpartum depression.

The details of the tragedy that occurred today in the north-east of Moscow have been reported. Lyudmila Sokolova, who jumped out of the window with her children, is believed to have suffered from postpartum depression.

Investigators found many handwritten poems about life after death in the apartment, said the Baza Telegram channel. Lyudmila is also known to have complained about problems with breast-feeding of her one-year-old girl.

According to her husband Vitali, Lyudmila began having suicidal thoughts after the birth of her daughter in the spring of 2019, adds the Mash Telegram channel. Recently, she has turned to the pediatrician a lot with various ailments of her children.

This morning, the mother called an ambulance four times, telling doctors that her daughter was sick from hunger and she could not feed her because the girl refused breast milk. The first time, she was given oral advice and told to call a pediatrician. Then the dispatcher sent the brigade after all.

The last time the woman called an ambulance a minute before the tragedy. When the doctors arrived, no one opened the door. As they were ringing the doorbell, Lyudmila jumped out of the window.

The eldest son, who was six years old, is now in intensive care in a critical condition. Lyudmila and her daughter died. In her note, the woman asked not to blame anyone for the tragedy and not to put her husband in jail.


The suicide note

Vitali is a mechanic. When he came to the building, he had a nervous breakdown and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

Lyudmila Sokolova’s body was found outside her windows of a high-rise building in the north-east of the city. According to preliminary data, she threw out the children first - the six-year-old and the one-year-old, and then jumped herself.

Here is a video from the scene.

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