Moscow tractor operators imitating snow cleaning are dismissed

Moscow tractor operators imitating snow cleaning are dismissed

Employees of municipal service loosely driving snowplows in one of the yards in Northern Izmailovo lost their jobs. Men claim that they executed the order of a management.

The staff of municipal service of State Budgetary Institution Zhilishchnik going by tractors without special brushes and, thus, imitating snow cleaning are dismissed. According to the representative of the organization, the men were on a probation period, but in connection with the incident, they did not pass it. Besides, Zhilishchnik assured that the entity does not lack brushes, reports

Earlier a video on which two tractors were operating on the yard near the Moscow high-rise building in Northern Izmailovo without brushes, without cleaning the territory, appeared on the Internet. The video was shot by the municipal deputy. One of drivers told him that the garage of the entity did not issue them brushes, and told them to drive for the report - that the exit to cleaning was fixed in GLONASS system.

To recall, in December 2016, Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin disposed to dismiss the Head of Koptevo for addiction to a photoshop - a juggling of answers on the Nash Gorod portal. “Talents of the photographer will be applied in other place”, the Mayor of the capital wrote on his Twitter page.

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