Moscow: student shoots girl in eye on date

Moscow: student shoots girl in eye on date

After a bottle of wine, the lovers began a conversation about martial infidelity.

A 17-year-old schoolboy shot a girl with an air gun because of suspicion of treason on a romantic date in Moscow. The couple drank a bottle of wine, after which they quarreled. Having used the weapon, the guy saw blood, got scared and called for help. The girl’s parents took her to the Morozov Children's Hospital, Moscow Komsomolets reports.

According to Dr. Leonid Kononov, the bullet stuck in the girl’s upper eyelid of the left eye, which often results in loss of vision. However, an operation was so carefully conducted on the victim in the department of eye microsurgery that her vision was subsequently completely restored. The trace of a small seam should also disappear, Kononov promised.

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