Moscow streetracer who killed pedestrian by car is Bagdasaryan's friend 

Moscow streetracer who killed pedestrian by car is Bagdasaryan's friend
Picture from the accident scene

The street racer responsible for the fatal accident on Mosfilm Street early in the morning on February 19 is familiar with the infamous rich girl Mara Bagdasaryan.

The accident took place today at 6:50 on Mosfilm Street. 26-year-old Vartan S. with a friend was driving his Porsche Cayenne in the direction of Olof Palme Street. He failed to brake at the pedestrian crossing and hit the person who was walking across the road. Then the car skidded and crashed into a Volkswagen Beetle and a Volkswagen Passat parked along the road still carrying the pedestrian on its bonnet. After that, Vartan and his friend got out of the burning car and fled, leaving the man dying on the bonnet.

He died from his injuries before the ambulance came.

Police arrested the fugitives a few hours later. The driver of Porsche has been hospitalized, since he was injured during the accident. A criminal case under "Violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles, entailing death of a person by negligence" has been initiated against him.

According to press, previously Vartan had repeatedly participated in street races, and is familiar with the infamous street racer Mara Bagdasaryan.

Video: Consequences of a fatal accident in Moscow involving Porsche Cayenne videotaped



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