Moscow: “serial poisoner”suspected of raping two minors

Moscow: “serial poisoner”suspected of raping two minors
Murat Sabanov

Earlier, the court arrested the former National Guard officers, the case file is transferred to the Moscow ICR.

A native of Kabardino-Balkaria, Murat Sabanov, who was taken into custody until August 25 on suspicion of robbing 11 people, could be involved in the rape of two minors, the ICR’s press service reported. The police forwarded the criminal cases about thefts and robbery initiated against Sabanov to the Central Investigative Department of the ICR in Moscow.

The police found 11 victims. Previously, The Village found 24 similar cases of robbery committed after treating the victims to a poisoning drink. Some victims fell into coma with a risk for life for several days. In Sabanov’s apartment packages with tranquilizers and neuroleptics were found. 

The suspect himself pleaded guilty to robbing only three people.

According to Sabanov's social network page, he adheres to radical Islamist views, and is also a former fighter of the National Guard.



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