Moscow: Security forces lay over illegal casino in Mongolian consulate 

Moscow: Security forces lay over illegal casino in Mongolian consulate
Security forces seized about 20 million rubles Photo: Life

The gambling hall, located right in the center of the capital, is fitted with the area with 5 roulette tables, 17 slot machines, poker tables and rest room.⁠

Law enforcement officers have found an underground casino in the Arbat district of Moscow. And this finding does not differ from the dozens of other illegal business liquidations, but for the location of the gaming club.

As it turned out, the casino is located in the corner building at 1, Kamennaya Sloboda or 7/1, Spasopeskovsky Lane. In this house the Consular Section of the Embassy of Mongolia in Russia is located. Premises belong directly to the government of a foreign state.


Casino invites its customers through yoga classes advertising. True worshipers of spiritual practices are mostly men on luxury cars.2

Police officers disguising as yoga guests entered the event. Indoors, law enforcement officers found a zone with five roulette, 17 slot machines, poker tables and rest room. In the cashier of the place security forces seized about 20 million rubles ($339.500). The administrator of the underground casino told operatives that about 10 people work per shift - croupiers, cashiers, pit bosses, security. All of them earn a lot. So, the manager on duty, working in the illegal business, has earned new Audi. In general, according to the man, the staff of this institution received twice as much as their counterparts of other clandestine casino.

In addition, the administrator opened the schema of criminal proceeds withdrawal. According to him, the proceeds were transferred to the account of one of the capital companies. Then the money was transferred to the wholesale purchase of premium cars - basically the last model of Land Cruiser in expensive trim levels. These foreign cars were outrun in the Caucasus, where sold at higher price.

The police opened a criminal case on the organization of illegal gambling business. Now, the Ministry of Internal Affairs staff remains to be find out how underground casino appeared in this place. According to Life's source, the foreign country is entitled to hand over the premises of the Consulate for rent.

If some of the employees of the diplomatic mission contributed to the prosperity of the illegal business, then the question is not only about the violation of Russian laws, but the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

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