Moscow region teens hook up buddy's offenders  

Moscow region teens hook up buddy's offenders

Victims were caught and forced to apologize on video, while girls were stripped naked in the cold.

Moscow region teenagers nightmarized a friend’s offenders for about a month, and then they became victims of attacks. The offenders were forced to apologize on their knees in front of 13-year-old Valentin (the name was changed) and were beaten; the girls were stripped before the punishment. Law enforcement agencies studied video recordings, Readovka reports.

“My friend Valentin was put on his knees. Imagine? The oldest one was 34 years old man, a maniac. After that, eight people beat him," said one of the 'avengers.'

Valentin was punished for filming sex of one girl with a particular guy. Valentin was stripped naked and forced to ask for forgiveness while filming everything on camera, and then hit his head on the floor more than ten times.

Valentin told all his friends. In March, teenagers caught offenders - a 34-year-old disabled person and his 17-year-old friend. They were put on their knees in the snow and forced to apologize; they also kicked their faces.


Later, Valentin’s friend revenged for him and reached the girl, to whom the boy apologized, and her friend. They were stripped naked in the cold, were forced to apologize, and they were beaten.

After such executions, the victims caught the 'avengers.' Police are aware of seven fights that took place in a month. When the police had questions to the participants in the conflict, they denied everything, but the videotape spoke against them.



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