Moscow region: police brutally beat man 

Moscow region: police brutally beat man
The incident occurred in Odintsovo on the Kommunisticheskaya Street

The video footage shows how, next to the car on which warning lights are installed, a man in a dark form beats a man lying on the ground with his hands and feet.

The ICR Main Investigative Department in Moscow checks reports of police beating a man on a street in Odintsovo. The examination is carried out upon video published on the eve of July 16.

On the video, taken from the height of a multi-storey building, two men standing next to the car can be seen. The car is equipped with warning lights. Standing men are dressed in dark uniforms, similar to a police uniform. One of the alleged policemen brutally beats a man lying on the ground. A man in a uniform uses both hands and feet. It can be seen that the likely law-enforcement officer strikes full-force. At this time, his alleged colleague just stands aside.

As local media specify, the incident occurred next to the veterinary clinic on Kommunisticheskaya Street a few dozen meters from the lively Krasnogorsk Highway.

Now investigators find out the identity of the policemen and the victim. Subsequently, the staff of the ICR of the Main Investigative Department in the Moscow region intends to give a comprehensive legal assessment of the actions of police officers.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Moscow region also reported that the police conducted the check on the fact of the video posted on the network.

Video: Policemen beat a man



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