Moscow region Ministry of Internal Affairs investigator who knocked down pensioner not arrested 

Moscow region Ministry of Internal Affairs investigator who knocked down pensioner not arrested
A 79-year-old woman is currently in an intensive care

Andrey Vinogradov was not going to be arrested due to the fact that the crime he committed was qualified as an act of medium gravity, since the elderly woman remained alive.

Former investigator of the Podolsk MIA Andrey Vinogradov, who shot down a pensioner on Porsche Cayenne, was left under a recognizance not to leave. The investigation did not insist on arrest and imprisonment of Vinogradov, since the crime he committed is qualified as an act of medium gravity.

"He is not arrested, and it is not planned. If the accident were fatal, then there would be another situation, but in this case, we are not talking about the arrest," sources of in the investigative bodies said.

To recall, Vinogradov is incriminated under part 2 of Art. 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Violation of Traffic Rules by a person driving a car in a state of intoxication caused by negligence causing serious harm to human health). According to this article, he faces up to 4 years imprisonment.

As the CrimeRussia previously wrote, the incident occurred on the afternoon of July 2 in the village of Polivanovo. Porsche Cayenne shot down 79-year-old Valentina Safonenko, who was moving along a road not equipped with a sidewalk. The woman was thrown 2.5-3 meters away. The driver of the foreign car did not even stop to help the pensioner; he hurried to escape from the scene of the accident. Witnesses of an accident called an ambulance. She was diagnosed with multiple bruises and fractures of the pelvic bones. She will be in the intensive care unit for several weeks.



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