Moscow Region: migrant tries to kill his wife in front of children

Moscow Region: migrant tries to kill his wife in front of children

For the treatment, the hospital demanded $ 1,100 from the victim.

In the village of Isakovo, the Moscow Region, Meliksho A. stabbed his wife, Munira Nazarova, several times and stole her bag with 100,000 rubles ($ 1,600), Life reports. Both are Tajik citizens who came to Moscow to earn money. As a foreigner, Munira will have to pay the hospital 70,000 rubles ($ 1,000) for treatment and five days of care.

According to Munira, her husband repeatedly beat her at home, and in Moscow he began to beat even more often. Once Meliksho A. demanded to sign documents on the abandonment of children and a donation on Munira’s property in Tajikistan. Having been refused, the patriarch of the family took the children away.

Later, Meliksho A. called his wife and invited to meet and take the children. Munira arrived in a taxi, whose driver frightened off her husband who had attacked her. When they met, he once again tried to convince her to sign the documents, and, after the refusal, attacked her with a knife. 

Munira’s life was saved, her wounds were healed, but five days later she was asked to leave the medical institution and pay for the treatment, since the foreigner did not have a medical insurance. Munira planned to spend the money stolen from her on paying for housing and travel to her homeland, so after the hospital she had to temporarily stay at a friend’s.

Munira has already filed the third statement against her husband with the police.



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