Moscow region: killer who put victims' remains through grinder detained 

Moscow region: killer who put victims' remains through grinder detained
Killed girls Photo: Social networks

Victims of 31-year-old Alexander Maslennikov were two girls from Volzhsky. He was detained while communicating with another potential victim.

In one of the shopping centers of Khimki, Moscow region, 31-year-old Volzhsky resident, Alexander Maslennikov, suspected of killing girls, Olga Shaposhnikova, 28, and Daria Labutina, 29, was detained. According to the investigation, he met with the girls in a night club of his native city, invited to his home, raped and killed both of them. After that, the killer, according to MK, dismembered the bodies of the victims and put the remains through a grinder to hide the crime commited.


Olga Shaposhnikova and Daria Labutina disappeared on October 13. According to some information, at 5:45am they were seen entering the house where he rented an apartment together with Maslennikov. At 12:32am the same day he was seen in a household appliance store, where he chose a meat grinder. It is reported that later Maslennikov was seen coming out of the entrance with two large bags in his hands. October 18 Maslennikov was put on the wanted list. For the information on the missing girls, a reward of 700 thousand rubles ($12.120) was prescribed.

Alexander Maslennikov was previously tried for rape, violent acts and robbery, IA Vysota 102 reports. In the aggregate, he spent 13 years in prison.

Maslennikov was detained when he, together with a resident of the Moscow region, was shopping in Khimki. It is reported that he met a woman, who brings up a 14-year-old daughter, on one of the dating sites. He came to Moscow suburbs on the invitation of a woman who decided to get acquinted with e-pal personally.

At present Maslennikov was taken to Volzhsky for interrogation. The Traffic Police accompanied him. Vysota 102 informs that to the question of the investigation about the murder of whom he is suspected, Maslennikov answered: "People."

Video: Maslennikov met his victims 



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