Moscow region: extortionists set against businessman dog and drew on grenade 

Moscow region: extortionists set against businessman dog and drew on  grenade
One of the detainees

The bandits intended to get 3 million rubles ($50.200) from the merchant. Men are checked for involvement in similar crimes.⁠

Moscow region policemen detained four men, who extorted 3 million rubles from a businessman in Lyubertsy.

For assistance in the capture of criminals, the victim appealed to the law enforcement agencies. The 39-year-old entrepreneur said that in a parking lot near a house on Ugreshskaya Street, four men, threatening with weapons, grenade and setting a fighting dog, demanded several million rubles from him.

Thanks to the testimonies of the businessman, the officers of the of the Moscow region Ministry of Internal Affairs together with colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Lyuberetskoye department detained four suspects aged between 31 and 49. The police noted that one of the extortionists had previously been convicted. One of the detainees, judging by the operative video, has a number of tats, typical of the convict. It is noteworthy that on the shoulders of a man the thievish stars are flaunting, but he himself assured the police officers that he has no criminal status.

With respect to detainees a criminal case has been initiated under Art. 163 of the Criminal Code - Extortion. At the moment, all the suspects are in custody. Law enforcers check extortionists for involvement in similar crimes.

Video: Moscow region extortionists set against businessman dog and drew on grenade

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