Moscow: prostitute riddles client with scissors and flees barefoot 

Moscow: prostitute riddles client with scissors and flees barefoot
The murdered man Photo: REN TV

The suspect is being searched for; the man died.

Moscow: today, in the afternoon, on February 19, 59-year-old man has been murdered with scissors west of the city.

The crime occurred in an apartment on Akademika Pavlova street. According to preliminary data, the citizen of Moscow was murdered by a prostitute he had hired. The woman of pleasure riddled the client’s face and body with scissors, having stabbed him at least 20 times.

It is known that before the massacre, the moonlighter and the elderly lover of intimate pleasure drank alcohol together. It is unclear so far why the woman decided to kill the Moscow citizen. She fled the scene barefoot with the alcohol’s glass - in order to eliminate evidence.

At the present time, law-enforcement officers are looking into the matter and trying to identify the murderer.

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