Moscow: policeman shoots at driver because of poor parking

Moscow: policeman shoots at driver because of poor parking

The policeman was undeterred by the driver’s three-year-old son being present.

In Elektrostal, the Moscow Region, an inspector of the Moscow MIA’s regiment for security and convoy of suspected and accused persons attacked a local resident with a traumatic pistol. The driver parked too close to another car, and the policeman helped the lady-driver to leave the parking lot, after which began to aggressively prove that she was right. The law enforcement officer was undeterred by the presence of witnesses, among whom there was also the driver’s three-year-old son, MK writes.

“This man tried to get into the car with a firearm in his hand and pull me out from behind the wheel. So we were again outside. I grabbed him by the hand in which he held the gun, and twisted it out. Two more shots rang out. One bullet hit the front door, the second one damaged the trunk. But, as a witness told me later, the bully aimed at my legs,” 41-year-old minibus driver Georg told the publication.

According to him, on February 10, at about 5 pm, he and his 48-year-old wife, Natalia, and their three-year-old son, parked outside a chain store almost next to another car, leaving it enough place to drive off. When they came out with groceries from the store, the next car had already left for the other end of the parking lot. A lady driver came out of the car and began to curse Georg, despite the child in the driver's arms.

When a man, who helped the lady to leave the parking lot, intervened in the conflict, George’s wife and child got into the car, and the driver pushed the opponent away. The latter slipped, fell and wounded his forehead. Georg got behind the wheel, but the man shot twice in the air, and then pulled Georg out of the car and tried to shoot him from the weapon.

The wife called the police, and the shooter was taken to the local precinct. It turned out that the offender is a police officer on sick leave. The investigating bodies launched a relevant probe.



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