Moscow: Policeman beats drunk cafe administrator for molesting him in front of his fiancée

Moscow: Policeman beats drunk cafe administrator for molesting him in front of his fiancée
Roman Pekishev

New information emerged regarding the police major beating a grill-cafe administrator.

This happened in the Zharovnya Grill Café on the Stremyanny Lane overnight into September 10. Head of a Moscow Police Major Convoying Department Roman Pekishev came to the café with his fiancée. The officer offered the 29-year-old administrator to have a drink with them, according to

The woman accepted the offer; the officer and his fiancée drank whiskey with her until 4 AM. The conflict was due to the drunk administrator sexually harass him in front of his fiancée, according to Pekishev. He pushed her away and got slapped. His soon-to-be wife did not like how the café employee acted and the two women got into a fight. The officer tried to stop the fight at first. However, he got drawn into it eventually trying to calm the drunk administrator down. Pekishev claimed he had to use force for self-defense.

He later called for an ambulance and the police. The administrator was taken to hospital with a concussion. She had BAC of 3 permille, according to her blood test.

It is worth noting that the victim began demanding Pekishev paid her 3 million rubles for "keeping silent" once she learned about his position.

It is worth mentioning that Roman Pekishev is said to be a good officer. The Russian Investigative Committee Moscow Main Investigative Department is investigating the incident. Moreover, the Russian MIA Main Directorate has instituted an inspection, too.

The officer was temporarily suspended and is subject to an internal inspection, according to the Russian MIA Moscow Main Department Office of Public Affairs. He will be dismissed and punished according to the law once the inspection is complete.



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