Moscow police detained crime group who robbed Alfa-Bank cash collectors

Moscow police detained crime group who robbed Alfa-Bank cash collectors

The other day in Moscow, the police arrested four members of the gang that had attacked Alfa-Bank's collector car on September 8 this year.

The detainees include four natives of the North Caucasus region; the age of criminals ranges from 32 to 36. According to police, two participants of the robbery were detained in late September, the third was caught on October 12, and the fourth member of the gang was arrested on November 2. He was hiding in one of the Moscow hotels.

Let us recall that at least 50 million rubles was stolen as a result of an armed attack on the Alfa-Bank's cash collectors. No one was hurt during the robbery. The criminals attacked the car around noon outside of 13, Tushinskaya Street. One of the attackers threw a Molotov cocktail under the wheels of the car, and its front part immediately caught fire. Then the driver and collector sitting next to him jumped out and ran to the back door to help their colleague get out of the burning car. Raiders wearing medical masks immediately approached the cash collectors' car, one of them held the collector at gunpoint while three others took five bags of money (about 50 million rubles) out of the car. After committing the crime, the robbers fled in two cars, VAZ-2110 and VAZ-2112.

It is noteworthy that after interrogating the cash collectors, there was some confusion among law enforcement officers, because the former had originally stated there was no money in the car, but eventually started mentioning different amounts.

Investigation of this high-profile crime continues. Investigating authorities are examining the collected materials and restoring the picture of what happened using street surveillance cameras.



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