Moscow police chasing and shooting Zhiguli

Moscow police chasing and shooting Zhiguli

The other day, Moscow police officers went chasing and shooting a VAZ 2115, because the driver had not responded to the demands to stop.

According to the press service of the MIA Main Directorate in Moscow, this incident took place on Friday, March 10, at around 20:30 hours. Police Patrol and Checkpoint Service (PPCS) officers were forced to use service weapons during the pursuit of a VAZ 2115, since the driver had not responded to their demands to stop the vehicle.

As it turned out, the PPCS officers saw a suspicious car, which clearly tried to dart past the police. The latter demanded, via speakerphone, that he stopped, but there was no reaction. After that, the police went after the Zhiguli. Since the driver also ignored the repeated demands to stop, the ‘guards of the order’ decided to use service weapons and opened fire at the pursued car.

The driver stopped only after the PPCS officers fired several shots at the Zhiguli. There were two men and two women in the car; none of them had any IDs. The police detained them and took them to the police station for further investigation.



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