Moscow police came under investigation for beating man and his lawyer

Moscow police came under investigation for beating man and his lawyer

The ICR does not report about their detention.⁠

The Investigative Committee instituted criminal proceedings upon the beating of a man and his lawyer by officers of the Lefortovo police department of the capital. Law enforcers are charged with item (a), part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (Exceeding Official Powers with the use of violence).

In the message of the ICR it is indicated only that the crime was committed on June 30. The presence of suspects or their detention is not reported.

Lawyer Vera Podkolzina reported on beating to the law enforcement agencies and told reporters of MK. According to her testimonies, that day her client Vitaly Dros came to the police department. He was to be interviewed at the request of the insurance company - it suspected that Dros had deliberately smashed his car, and then demanded a refund of 35 thousand rubles ($590). The man, in turn, refused to give evidence to law enforcement before the arrival of lawyer Podkolzina. The policemen did not like it and one of the guards began to shout at Dros, took his phone, and then began to beat. According to the witness, the attack was attended by the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Lefortovo police department, Major Mikhail Saprykin. At the same time in the office of the police there was an operative who introduced himself as Ivan.

After beating the phone was returned to Dros, and he called lawyer Podkolzina. When she arrived in the office and went to the office where her client was, Saprykin rudely pushed her out, saying to the person on duty "I don’t want to see this woman here again". After the incident, Dros and Podkolzina appealed to a medical institution. In the emergency room, a woman witnessed a bruise on the forearm, a sprained left ankle and a dislocated finger; her client has bruises on the head.

Then, on July 1, according to Podkolzina, Saprykin's lawyer called her with a proposal to pay 800.000 rubles ($13.500) in compensation. She asked for a settlement, but the police refused to sign the documents. Then, they wrote an application to the Prosecutor's Office against her and Dros about libel.



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