Moscow: owner of construction company Vachik Abgaryan was shot 

Moscow: owner of construction company Vachik Abgaryan was shot
Law enforcement officers are working at the scene

One of the bullets hit the businessman in the chest, he was hospitalized.⁠

In the west of Moscow, unknown persons shot a 57-year-old businessman, head of the construction company Cap-Stroy Vachik Abgaryan.

According to the Telegram channel Mash, the incident occurred on Vereiskaya Street, near the office of Abgaryan. Unknown shot the businessman, one of the bullets hit him in the chest area. The owner of the construction company was urgently hospitalized. According to sources, now the man is in a state of clinical death.

On the site of the incident, law enforcement officers of the capital are working.

Место происшествия

Crime scene

According to investigators, it was a hired assassin, and this attempt is related to the victim's professional activity, but conflict is also possible on the basis of personal relations. However, the precise motives for the attack are not yet established, the security forces did not officially comment on the incident.

Note that according to NTV, Vachik Abgaryan tried to take his own life, shoooting himself in the heart.



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