Moscow Ombudsman asks FSIN Directorate to allow Zenit doctors to examine Kokorin

Moscow Ombudsman asks FSIN Directorate to allow Zenit doctors to examine Kokorin
Alexander Kokorin

The pre-trial detention center doctors are afraid to make a mistake with medication due to athletes’ doping tests.

Football player Alexander Kokorin, who is in custody on charges of hooliganism, needed doctors from the Zenit FC, as the doctors in the pre-trial detention center are not sufficiently aware of which drugs contain doping substances. Before being detained, Kokorin was operated on his knee and the player needs medical assistance, the news agency Moskva reported, referring to the Moscow ombudsman, Tatyana Potyaeva.

“As of now, Kokorin has been prescribed three rehabilitation procedures that he undergoes. But, given the fact that he is an athlete, they are afraid to give him drugs: local doctors do not know what kind of doping tests he might have – what if there is something in these medicines. Therefore, only specialists who work in Zenit can decide what medicines he is allowed to take,” Potyaeva explained.

The Ombudsman filed an application with the leadership of the Federal Penitentiary Service for Moscow asking for the doctors’ admission to Kokorin, but the head of the FSIN Directorate, Sergey Moroz, was on leave. According to Potyaeva, Moroz will be back to work on Monday, February 25, and then the ombudsman will contact him.

In addition, Potyaeva said that Kokorin continues to work out, is engaged in physical therapy and uses a stationary bike, as well as does warm-ups. The investigation of the football player's case is completed, and his lawyers are familiarizing with the investigative materials.



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