Moscow oceanarium CEO murdered for business reasons?

Moscow oceanarium CEO murdered for business reasons?
Andrey Chernov

Though it is not confirmed yet, there may be some connection between the murder case of Crocus City oceanarium co-owner and Podolsk OCG.

Investigators do not exclude that Director General of the Moscow oceanarium Andrey Chernov could have been killed due to his business activity.

As Senior Assistant to the Chief of the ICR Investigations Directorate in Moscow Yuliya Ivanova told RIA Novosti, the case of murder of the 52-year-old director general and co-owner of the Crocus City oceanarium has been referred to the ICR department for investigation of particularly important cases as directed by Chief of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate in Moscow Aleksandr Drymanov.

According to Ivanova, the investigation is currently checking into various versions of the crime, including the one where Chernov's death is associated with his business activities. Earlier, in an interview with REN TV, Head of the Crocus City Oceanarium (launched in December last year) Maintenance Department and Chernov’s business partner Vladimir Emanov could not suggest with whom Chernov had messed. According to Emanov, he never heard that his business partner had received threats. Neither did the widow of the deceased businessman have any versions.

However, Telegram-channel titled Oper slil (Russian for ‘Leaked by operative’) notes that there may be some connection between Andrey Chernov’s allegedly contract murder and Podolsk OCG. 

To recall, Andrey Chernov's body with 6 gunshot wounds was found in the Filevsky park district in the Western Administrative District of Moscow in the morning of August 4. Law enforcers reported that 7.62 mm cases from a TT pistol had been found near the accident scene.



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