Moscow: National Guard officer who insulted Putin fired

Moscow: National Guard officer who insulted Putin fired

The fighter assaulted a promoter in the Zaryadye Park, and swore at the president.

After the publication of the video on which the Russian National Guard employee curses at the president and applies violence to a distributor of leaflets on the territory of the Zaryadye Park in Moscow, the officers was fired, Znak reports. On the video, he threatens to hit the promoter and says that he will not be punished for it, since he is not “a cop.”

According to the preliminary version, the young man, whom two officers wanted to detain, distributed leaflets and invited bypassers to river cruises. The officer demanded him to leave the park, but the promoter refused, indicating that he does not sell anything or violate the law.

“Listen, do I look like a cop? I am going to... (hit you hard) now, and I get away with it. Do I look like a pig, who will handle you with kid gloves?” he said.

At the same time, the fighter was not at all embarrassed that he was being videotaped. Being recorded, in the course of the further verbal skirmish, the National Guard officer showed disrespect for the president. 

“Can you just beat people? Do you have permission from the president or what?” the young man asked.

“I don’t give a ... about your president, okay? Your ... president is not the one paying my salary!” the officer interrupted him.

The video ends with the officer punching the young man, as a result of which the latter falls, and asks another officer to call the district police officer.

It is to be recalled that on March 18, the Russian President approved the law on fines for insulting government officials.



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