Moscow: member of human rights organization kidnapped

Moscow: member of human rights organization kidnapped
Anton Drozdov’s Head linked his colleague’s kidnapping with his professional activities. project (‘no’ to Gulag, a common way to name Russian .Net websites for similarity with ‘niet’ – ‘no’) reported abduction of its Hotline Coordinator Anton Drozdov. It was said in the statement given by the organization’s Head Vladimir Osechkin to the Head of the Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Head of the ICR Investigative Department in Moscow and the Moscow Prosecutor.

In his statement Osechkin asks the law enforcement agencies to initiate a probe into the abduction of a person pursuant to Art. 306 of the Criminal Code on the grounds of a crime under Article 126 of the Criminal Code, and to initiate a criminal investigation into the abduction and forcible confinement of Anton Drozdov, as well as on the signs of his planned murder.

According to the’s Head, at 21:06 on October 18, the missing project coordinator called him on the phone. Drozdov said he was in an apartment and had no idea as to how he got there and he had no address. The Hotline Coordinator said that he was being held in the apartment by force, and that he had been poisoned or some psychotropic drug had been inserted in him to suppress resistance.

Also, the human rights activist said there were "some strange wires and irons" in the apartment so it might be "a torture apartment." Soon, the connection was interrupted and nobody was answering when the number Drozdov had been calling from was dialed.

Earlier, Anton Drozdov had repeatedly addressed the threats made to him by corrupted parts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other power structures, as well as by people from the criminal world, Osechkin said.

Osechkin noted that the day before Drozdov was kidnapped he had received information about a planned provocation by the law enforcement agencies who were going to plant weapon or drugs at Drozdov’s place. Osechkin explained that the day before, the human rights activists had found important information on corruption within the Primorye’s Federal Penitentiary Service. is an online community of independent human rights defenders who monitor violations of prisoners' rights and fight against torture, corruption and arbitrariness of law enforcement officials.



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