Moscow mall customer stabs employee for comment 

Moscow mall customer stabs employee for comment

A stabbing fight between a customer of the Kashirskaya Plaza shopping center and a salesroom controller took place on August 21 in Moscow. The employee received numerous stab wounds in the chest.

According to 360’s informed source, the incident happened in one of the mall departments in ​​Orekhovo-Borisovo Severnoe district. The employee made a comment about the man’s behavior. In response, the man shouted at the employee, then took out a knife and attacked him.

The store employee tried to resolve the conflict peacefully and began to retreat, but when he saw the knife, he grabbed the first thing that was close to him from the counter and fought back. During the fight, he received several stab wounds.

According to the source, the wounded man is now in the hospital, where he is being treated and examined. Previously, the middle-aged attacker was seen in Kashirskaya Plaza more than once. He showed inappropriate behavior but never aggression. The victim feels well at the moment and will recover soon.

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