Moscow: Investigator throws human body parts in trash container

Moscow: Investigator throws human body parts in trash container

A garbage truck driver found body parts wrapped in blood stained packaging in the south of Moscow. They were thrown away by a police officer, according to a pre-trial inspection of the Russian Investigative Committee.

The ICR Main Investigations Directorate has instituted a pre-trial inspection following discovery of human body parts in a trash container next to an apartment house on the Tarny Street, Moscow.

An unnamed investigator of the Main Investigations Directorate in Moscow threw biological objects they received in mortuary into a trash container once done with medical examination in the framework of one of their criminal cases, according to the pre-trial inspection.

The biological objects that turned out to be human body parts were found on April 24, 2017, according to the Office of Public Affairs of the Investigative Committee. The human body parts (a thigh and an upper arm bones, skin samples, and dark hair samples in paper packaging with Tsaritsyno Mortuary stamps on them) were found by police officers who responded to the driver’s call, added. The driver was loading trash containers near an apartment house on the Tarny Street when he saw packages with suspicious blood stains and called the police.

Aside from the body parts, the police found a receipt signed by the investigator who received the body parts from a Tsaritsyno Mortuary expert. The receipt was in one of the packages. The Mortuary   confirmed having handed the biological objects to the investigator for medical examination.

The body parts should have been stored in mortuary until trial or until the criminal case was closed, pointed out. After that, biological objects are cremated or given to relatives for burial.

The investigators are investigating how this happened, according to the ICR's Public Affairs Office . A proceeding decision will be made based on the inspection results.



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