Moscow Criminal Intelligence operatives put in jail on order of Solntsevskaya gang 

Moscow Criminal Intelligence operatives put in jail on order of Solntsevskaya gang
One of the defendants in the high-profile case: the MIA Main Administration of Criminal Search officer Sergey Abrosenko in court, 2015

However, investigators believe that the policemen for a bribe framed-up a criminal case against the businessman Dmitry Khodanovich.

The first sentence in the high-profile case of the Moscow Criminal Intelligence operatives, who were detained in September 2015, was read. Initially, three police officers from 6th operations and search division, Dmitry Alferov, Stanislav Maksimov, Maxim Korostelyov, as well as their colleague from the Russian MIA Main Administration of Criminal Search Sergey Abrosenko, are suspected of abuse of office and falsification of evidence in criminal proceedings. However, according to Rosbalt’s source, recently, the Dorogomilovsky Court of Moscow has sentenced one of them, Stanislav Maksimov, on charges of Bribe-Taking (Article 290 of the Criminal Code). The Сourt sentenced him to 5 years and 6 months imprisonment. His former colleagues also await their trial.

According to the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee in Moscow, the Moscow Criminal Intelligence operatives Stanislav Maksimov and Dmitry Alferov, the MIA Main Administration of Criminal Search officer Sergey Abrosenko at the request of Alexander Kabanov – the former co-owner of the banks Pushkino and Kedr – were going to send the businessman Dmitry Khodanovich behind bars. The banker and his friend the lawyer Alexander Panesh had to get rid of Khodanovich in order not to pay the debt in the amount of 5 million euros. To do this, the police conducted a search at the entrepreneur’s apartment and planted platinum watches worth 5 million rubles, which previously he allegedly stole during a robbery at Kabanov’s. However, the businessman apartment was equipped with a hidden camera which captured the moment of planting the fake evidence. The investigators found that for framing-up the case, the Moscow Criminal Intelligence and MIA Main Administration of Criminal Search officers received a bribe of $ 500 thousand.

The CrimeRussia reported that a series of high-profile arrests of police officers at Petrovka, 38 took place in the autumn of 2015. According to informed sources, problems the Moscow Criminal Investigation operatives began having problems a month after the transfer of the criminal case against members of Solntsevskaya criminal gang from their jurisdiction to one of the Investigative Committee. In the new agency, the gang had their own people. The investigators, lobbying the mobsters’ interests, managed to bring proceedings against the Moscow Criminal Intelligence officers to the end.

It should be noted that all those arrested were working on a number of high-profile criminal cases, took part in major special operations to detain influential thieves in law and the leaders of the criminal communities. Among them, there is the leader of the Chechen collectors group Shamkhan Shakhbiev, known by the nickname Bandit, the authority Adam Taramov nicknamed Plokhish, the well-known thief in law Tariel Oniani, also known as Taro. The same investigators carried out special operations to detain a group of Chechens suspected of kidnapping, extortion and rape.



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