Moscow court takes mother of “Mowgli girl” into custody 

Moscow court takes mother of “Mowgli girl” into custody
Irina Garashchenko Photo: TASS

The woman accused of attempted murder pleaded innocent.

The Savelovsky District Court of Moscow arrested Irina Garashchenko, 47, a mother of a five-year-old girl, who was found crying in an apartment that looked like a landfill for two months. The mothers is charged with an attempted murder of her daughter Lyuba. The defendant pleads innocent.

“I deliberately gave birth to a daughter at the age of 41 and cannot hurt her, she is my only one. I am her mother, I gave birth to my first child, I feed her for five years, bring her up,” Garashchenko told the court.

Judge Olga Chistova placed Garashchenko in a pre-trial detention center until May 10. The suspect intends to appeal the ruling.

The girl has been at the Bashliaeva Children's Clinical Hospital since March 10. The medics removed the rubber thread for the cross, which has grown into the girl’s neck. Reports that the girl has signs of exhaustion in the hospital have not been confirmed. On the contrary, she is sufficiently well-fed for her age. However, she is afraid to take a shower and is not accustomed to hygiene.

“As a result of stress, acute or chronic, she temporarily stopped speaking,” chief doctor Ismail Osmanov said.

During the rehabilitation, the girl began to say certain words and respond to her name.

According to neighbors, the mother never took the daughter out of the apartment. As the investigator told the court, the family that had utility debts, due to which their lights and water were turned off. The child was found weeping and half-dressed in a locked apartment without food, in the middle of a pile of rubbish. According to eyewitnesses, the smell in the apartment was like at a landfill.

The neighbors who heard the cry called the police several times but the latter did not react to the report. The ICR initiated a criminal case of negligence against the staff of the local MIA department.



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