Moscow City Court revokes decision on house arrest for two ex-Heads of Domodedovo Airport

Moscow City Court revokes decision on house arrest for two ex-Heads of Domodedovo Airport
Vyacheslav Nekrasov and Andrey Danilov in the court room Photo: © RIA Novosti

The Moscow City Court has revoked the decision on the extension of house arrest for up to three months for ex-director of the Domodedovo airport Vyacheslav Nekrasov and head of aviation security Andrey Danilov. Both stand accused of poor organization of visitors search that allowed suicide bombers to enter the building and set up an explosion in 2011.

"The decision of the Basmanny Court to extend the pre-trial restrictions for Nekrasov and Danilov is to be cancelled, sent to reconsideration. The pre-trial restrictions for the said defendants is to be left unchanged until a new examination of the investigator’s request for the extension of the house arrest," - the Moscow City Court judge stated. A new pre-trial restriction measure for both defendants has not been announced yet.

The former director of the airport Vyacheslav Nekrasov and head of aviation security Andrey Danilov could be released under the written pledge not to leave the country or on bail. During the rebuttal argument, the amount of bail was estimated at 50 million rubles.

During house arrest, Danilov and Nekrasov were forbidden not only to leave the apartment without permission of the investigator, but also to use the telephone, mail and Internet. The defendants’ transfer to house arrest was requested by the investigator, while the representative of the victims Igor Trunov objected and asked to leave the accused in custody.

In late May, Igor Trunov said that the families of the victims had withdrawn the claim to the airport for compensation of the harm caused from the European Court of Human Rights, since the management of the airport had signed an agreement with them on payment of beneficent aid. The budget of the Fund for Assistance to the Victims of the Terrorist Attack at the Domodedovo Airport in 2011 is expected to be 150 million rubles. "The Fund was registered on Friday (June 3, 2016). At the start of this week, we’re planning to initiate first payments," - Domodedovo airport PR-director Anatoly Khodorovsky said. However, the exact amount of payments has not been specified.

Additionally, last week Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Malinovsky demanded from the Investigative Committee to terminate the criminal case against the chief owner Dmitry Kamenschik and Domodedovo airport managers. "I hereby demand to eliminate violations committed in the course of the preliminary investigation of the criminal case, and to take immediate steps to end the criminal investigation and prosecution of Dmitry Kamenschik, Vyacheslav Nekrasov, Svetlana Trishina, and Andrey Danilov for lack of evidence of the crime under art. 238 of the Russian Criminal Code - Execution of work or rendition of services that do not meet safety requirements," - Malinovsky wrote in his statement.

The terrorist attack at the Domodedovo airport took place on January 24, 2011. According to the investigators, the defendants in the case (namely, Kamenschik, the former head of the Russian office of the Airport Management Company Limited Svetlana Trishina, former head of the Domodedovo airport Vyacheslav Nekrasov, and head of aviation security Andrey Danilov) approved and introduced a new inspection system at the entrances to the airport terminal complex. After that, the majority of visitors could enter the building without going through a metal detector. The investigators claim that in January 2011 this allowed Magomed Yevloyev to get inside the airport building unchecked with a hidden explosive device under his clothing. The terrorist then set up an explosion in the arrival hall of international airlines, which killed 37 people. More than 170 received injuries of varying severity.



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