Moscow: Chechen fighters in BMW M5 chase 

Moscow: Chechen fighters in BMW M5 chase
Zaurbek Khasiev

Violating strict traffic rules while videotaping the whole thing, both the driver and the passengers seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot.

Men from North Caucasus are in trouble again. A video featuring an expensive car with aggressively driving men from Chechen Berkut fight club goes viral in the social media. The footage shows the car moving through heavy traffic at high speed. The driver is pushing and cutting off other motorists, swerving into another lane.

Video: Berkut club fighters in a reckless chase through Moscow

The combination of moving traffic offences the driver committed falls under the category of aggressive driving. The passengers clearly seem to be approving of the driver’s actions since they are videotaping the whole thing.

The RussianGate established that Zaurbek Khasiev was the one driving the BMW E60 M5. 27 year-old Zaurbek Khasiev is a son of Mayrbek Khasiev, the head of the MMA association. He posts this kind of videos on the Russian social network VK on a regular basis. Other racers are professional fighters too: Mansur Elsaev, Mayrbek Taysumov and Arbi Arguev.

Moscow authorities are yet to react on the video, which has just started to gain momentum in the media.  

Meanwhile we remind you, that previously the media discussed the notorious Gelandewagen chase with a son of the Lukoil Vice-President Ruslan Shamsuarov and his friends Viktor Uskov, Abdulvahob Madjidov and Mara Bagdasaryan. The silver-spooners were trying to get away from the traffic police violating the road rules and broadcasting that on Periscope.

Quite another ending was in store for Makhachkala traffic violators in December 2015. An S-Class Mercedes with Chechen license plate crudely violated a traffic rule and ran a red light before ramming a Lada Granta at full speed. Two people inside the Granta were killed. The Chechen police officer Imran Arsumkaev was named the official culprit although surveillance cameras claim otherwise. A video on the Internet shows that immediately after the collision, a female passenger was taken into another car, leaving a different person behind the wheel. Meanwhile, it was yet another person who came on trial - an unemployed Chechen villager from Kadi-Yurt of Gudermes district, Beslan Lorsanov, 54. According to the, it was actually head of Chechnya’s Gudermes district Zaur Hizriev who had been driving and when the incident happened, he simply put his bodyguard behind the wheel instead of himself.

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