Moscow: BMW driver beats young mother whose kids he almost hit by car 

Moscow: BMW driver beats young mother whose kids he almost hit by car
Photos of the victim from social networks

There are psychologists currently working with the children (9-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy), in front of whom their own mother was beaten; the woman is receiving a medical treatment of her dislocated shoulder.

May 5 in the morning, the art teacher was taking her children to school, when they nearly got hit by a black SUV with tinted windows on a zebra crossing.

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda citing the victim, the incident took place at the intersection of a backup road of Plyushchikha Street, 1st Truzhenikov and 1st Vrazhsky lanes; the SUV popped out in front of them and speeded across the street.

The young mother Maria (who asked the newspaper not to mention her second name), barely had time to pull off her son, whom the offender almost hit by his car. In a fit of temper, she slapped the trunk of the passing car.

The family went further down the street, but after a few meters, they were overtaken by the SUV driver, who had jumped out of the car; swearing, he smashed the woman several times in the chest and shoulder in front of her children.

It were two passers-by who managed to pry the driver of BMW, who would not stop swearing and attacking the woman covering her crying children, away from her. Although, according to the victim, there were other pedestrians at the scene at this time. Then the attacker (whom Maria described as a stylishly and expensively dressed man of European appearance in his 30s) hurriedly got into his car and drove away.

The woman took the sobbing children to school. After learning that the CCTVs of a nearby supermarket recorded the scene of beating, she went to the police and the emergency department, which documented her injuries. As the publication notes, the teacher intends to secure a fair punishment for the hooligan at all costs. To this end, Maria intends to appeal the prosecutor's office and the Investigation Committee.


In the mother's words, her children have yet to get over it; they are constantly crying and are afraid of cars. Due to the traumatic experience, the girl vomited at school right in the classroom.


The woman intends to seek deserved punishment for the BMW driver who attacked her 

According to the victim's lawyer Nikolay Lomov, based on the fact of causing bodily injuries to the woman for hooligan reasons, the driver of the black SUV is to face Article 116 of the Russian Criminal Code, namely Battery.

"Identifying the driver should be a piece of cake. First, the girl says that the supermarket CCTV shows his face. Second, the fact that the car's license plate could not be seen on the recording is no obstacle. Dozens of cameras caught this BMW before and after the shop," the lawyer says.



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