“More than 30 stab wounds.” Suspect of murder of widow and her son detained in North of Moscow

“More than 30 stab wounds.” Suspect of murder of widow and her son detained in North of Moscow
Dmitry Nesterov and the victim Ekaterina Photo: Mash Telegram channel

The man tried to dismember the bodies, but did not accomplish this.

Police have detained Dmitry Nesterov suspected of a gruesome murder of a 35-year-old Ekaterina and her 12-year-old son in the North of Moscow, reports Mash Telegram channel. 

According to the channel, lately, Nesterov had carried on a flirtation with Ekaterina who became a widow a year ago. The neighbors described him as “a decent young man wearing an overcoat” who had lately often stopped in at Ekaterina’s place. 

It has not yet been determined what happened in the evening on Tuesday when the man stabbed the child and his lover more than 30 times. 

According to the investigation, there was a plastic bag pulled over the child’s head. Both the mother and son maintained resistance: there are cuts on the hands. The man used several carving-knives he left at the scene. 

As CrimeRussia had earlier reported, the dead bodies of the woman and her child were found by the victim’s mother who called the police. She also told about Ekaterina’s chaser who came into her life a short time ago. It is also known that a year ago, the woman lost her husband - a military man who passed away suddenly following the blood-stroke occurred during their trip to Ekaterina’s patria chica in Vladimir region. The widow was at law with the husband’s relatives over a two-room apartment in the north of Moscow that the husband left her - her mother-in-law and sister-in-law clamored their share in the property.

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