Mob Klok suspected of attack on insolvency officer 

Mob Klok suspected of attack on insolvency officer
Suspects in the attempt

The Klok’s All Points Bulletin posted by the police of the region.

The shooter fired at insolvency officer Dmitry Zaitsev in the Berezovsky urban district of the Sverdlovsk region, reports citing lawyer of the injured Mikhail Bal. According to Bal, the attempt was committed on the morning of September 21, when Zaitsev was leaving his cottage on Serova Street. The killer blocked the road and opened fire on Zaitsev when he left the car to clear the obstacle. The insolvency officer managed to dodge. One of the bullets hit Zaitsev in the area of the left shoulder blade, two more passed by.


Zaitsev managed to memorize the shooter’s face - "a man in a gray sweatshirt." Moreover, he pursued him for some time. The car was waiting for the attacker near the place of the attack. Zaitsev lost the killer's car from sight after a few minutes of pursuit, near the road to Novosverdlovskaya CHP.


Honda Legend car, which Dmitry Zaitsev pursued

Right at the time of the persecution, Zaitsev made 112 emergency call. Employees of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Berezovsky MIA established the way of the killer via CCTV records. The car was found abandoned in the hangar for the sale of building materials near the road to the CHP. Employees of the enterprise told the police that there were several passengers in the car. The men threw the car and disappeared into the forest. The faces of the two hit the surveillance cameras footages.


The Klok’s All Points Bulletin

According to Bal, a certain Konstantin Nelyubin, born in 1984, appears as a killer. The driver, according to preliminary data, was Artem Kirillov, born in 1987. Also among the suspects, there was mob Mikhail Klok. Earlier, he was accused of creating an organized criminal group, which has been engaged in attacks and thefts in the Urals since 1999. The gang also included former head of the private security firm Gyurza Valery Povarov and Lithuanian hitman Romas Zamolskis, who was wanted by the Interpol for many years.



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