Mob Chikan-Izyum fires at policeman in Volkhov 

Mob Chikan-Izyum fires at policeman in Volkhov
Sergey Vanyushin and Shahin Khurshud Ogly Magarlamov Photo: Screenshot

The details of the night incident in the Marseille bar, where a policeman was injured, became known.

The media has revealed personalities who attacked a policeman in the city of Volkhov. One of them turned out to be Sergey Vanyushin, and the other is a member of the criminal world, Chikan-Izyum.

In the Marseilles club, an attack on a traffic police officer took place. He was found unconscious with a gunshot and knife wound near the club.

Footage from a surveillance camera helped the police to identify the attackers. One of them was a native of Volkhov, and the other turned out to be a citizen of Georgia.

According to a preliminary version, 43-year-old Sergey Vanyushin stabbed Nikolay Malinin with a knife.

He escaped from the scene on a BMW car, and later it was found abandoned near one of the shops. The media studied his accounts in social networks, from which it became clear that he spends his free time in the city and attends bars and restaurants, where he feasts a lot.

The man who fired comes from Georgia but has a Volkhov registration. Earlier, Shahin Khurshud Ogly Magarlamov violated the rules of his stay in Russia, and they wanted to deport him. Magarlamov calls himself Chikan, but he is known as Izyum in the criminal world.

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He fled from the club on a Mercedes; an abandoned car was later found near the Zerkalo cafe in Volkhov. Izyum is bon vivant. In social networks, he supports the image of a businessman involved in the thieving world and often mentions A.U.E.’s subculture in his posts. (Prisoner’s Unity).

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Details about Malinin also became known. He came to the club with his wife, who works at the Fosagro plant, the couple celebrated the Day of the chemist. Earlier, the media wrote that the policeman was at the birthday party of a friend. Malinin decided to intervene in the conflict between Magarlamov and Vanyushin with the staff of the institution. The men tried to enter the Marseilles cafe, where they were not allowed because of intoxication and aggressiveness.



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