MMA fighters in Chechen clans’ brawl in Krylatskoye 

MMA fighters in Chechen clans’ brawl in Krylatskoye
Adlan Amagov

Not winning a fistfight, one of them grabbed a knife.⁠

Two sportsmen in mixed martial arts (MMA) took part In the conflict between representatives of two influential Chechen families – Baisurovs and Khalidovs.

Khalidov's side was represented by the champion of Russia in combat sambo, the world and European champion in universal combat, the tournament winner, master of sports in hand-to-hand combat, sambo and complex combat, 30-year-old Adlan Amagov.

When the massacre began, he entered into a fight with the 19-year-old son of Sharpudi Baisurov, Timur. According to Mash public page, the more experienced fighter could not defeat his young adversary, and so he grabbed a knife. As a result, Timur Baisurov was seriously wounded. His father and uncle – Sharpudi and Ruslan Baisurov – died of gunshot wounds. Their opponent, Magomed Khalidov, also suffered in the fight. Now he is in a state of coma. In addition, three more participants of the brawl were taken to hospital, one of whom died last weekend.


The knife found at the Chechen massacre site

The fight involving about 40 people occurred overnight into June, 2 near restaurant Hills in Krylatskie Kholmy street in Moscow. Relations were sorted out by former co-owner of furniture centers Grand and Tri Kita Magomed Khalidov and head of energy company Intro CJSC Ruslan Biysurov, as well as several of their relatives and friends.

The cause of the incident was a financial conflict. According to some reports, it could be a debt of $1 million. However, the versions vary when it comes to who exactly owes the money. According to some reports, Baisurov owed Khalidov, according to other ones – vice versa.

Information on their participation in the management of shopping centers Tri Kita and Grand is also contradictory. As reported by Rosbalt, Baisurov covered the main owner of the shopping centers, Sergey Zuev. And later Khalidov nicked part of this business.

According to another version, Zuev got into the so-called ‘Chechen con game’. When Khalidov had a go at him, he asked Baisurov for help, who instead took away the remaining assets from him. According to the agency's source, in 2004 the Khalidovs invited Zuev to the Seychelles, where he re-registered Grand shopping center on companies controlled by the Chechens at violent threats. Another version says that the main money for the construction of shopping centers was given to Zuev by Khalidov, so the lion's share of the business belonged to him by right.

Anyway, in 2012 the Baisurovs and Khalidovs quarreled and a war broke out between them, which led to at least three human casualties a week ago.



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