MMA champion that attacked police officers in North Ossetia won one of most scandalous fights in history 

MMA champion that attacked police officers in North Ossetia won one of most scandalous fights in history
Mikhail Gazayev

The rival of Mikhail Gazayev, who knocked him out, was disqualified.

Mikhail Gazayev, European champion in mixed martial arts of Europe, who has become the defendant in a criminal case for the second time, won one of the most controversial and scandalous fights in history. In total, Gazayev held three meetings in the professional ring.

As for the scandalous fight, this refers to a fight with heavyweight fighter Konstantin Glukhov from Latvia. It took place in Tula in November 2013 as part of the M-1 Challenge 44 tournament. The Latvian athlete, according to the judges, used a forbidden trick and knocked Gazayev out. Following the results of the fight, Glukhov was disqualified, the Russian was declared the winner, but he had to undergo long-term treatment - the doctors diagnosed him with a concussion and other injuries.

However, many sided with the Latvian, arguing that Gazayev intentionally forced Glukhov to use a banned trick, having spent most of the duel on three points of support. Mikhail himself called this fight a development stage.


Gazayev’s career ended in the same 2013, when he came under investigation and was convicted of attacking police officers, after which he had to quit the big-time sports.

In 2019, the story seems to have repeated. As The CrimeRussia has already written, the athlete knocked out traffic police officers, who stopped him to check his documents. According to the testimony of the victims, Gazayev was drunk at the time of the attack.

Thus, the press service of the Interior Ministry of North Ossetia told the details of the incident. According to the representative of the department, Irina Doyeva, the MMA fighter’s car was swerving on the road, so the inspectors decided to stop it. There was a "persistent smell of alcohol" in the car, says Doнeva.

After the driver was asked to leave the car to draw up an administrative protocol, he followed the requests, but called his friends and told them what had happened. A few minutes later, several cars with Gazayev's comrades drove up, and they "immediately attacked the police" and started beating them, the Interior Ministry spokesperson said.

“Of course, the athlete was first there. He knocked out one of our employees with one blow,” said the representative of the department. In the meantime, the friends of the champion took a service gun from the police officer and fled.

The attackers were detained shortly after the incident. Criminal proceedings on the use of violence against the authorities and the theft of weapons and ammunition were initiated against Gazayev, Khetag Gogayev and Stanislav Margiyev. One of the friends was also suspected of illegal arms trade. The champion and one of the accomplices are in custody, the third suspect was placed under house arrest.



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