MMA Champion Otryvatel and his girlfriend who beat up street walker with shovel get real sentences 

MMA Champion Otryvatel and his girlfriend who beat up street walker with shovel get real sentences
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Mark Belykh and Yekaterina Kurlaeva did not admit their guilt.

Novosibirsk’s Kalininsky District Court has delivered its sentence to Mark Bekykh, a 21-year-old mixed martial arts Champion who performed under a stage name Otryvatel. Belykh has been found guilty of serious harm to health that is dangerous to human life with the use of items used as weapon - a square-point shovel. The professional athlete got 4 years in a strict regime colony. His 18-year-old accomplice has been sentenced to 2 years in a standard regime penal colony.

The investigation determined that at night time, on January 3, drunk Belykh and Kurlaeva went out of their yard and saw a 34-year-old man they had never met before. The MMA fighter suddenly attacked the street walker, slammed him down to the ground and got on top of him, having deprive him of the opportunity to oppose. After that, he knocked his head five times. Meanwhile, his girlfriend threatened the man to beat him up more in case he doesn’t leave straight away. 

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In an hour, the couple noticed the ‘old friend’ once again in the street. Belykh attacked him again. Kurlaeva saw his boyfriend losing the sparring, found a shovel and struck the victim’s with the entrenching tool at least four times. The man fell to the ground. Belykh beat him senseless.

It was a miracle the victim survived. He got serious traumas.

The detained did not admit their guilt. But the Court found them guilty and sent to the colony. 


Mark Belykh is the Novosibirsk region’s MMA Champiion. He has prior records for robbery. He was a participant of the MMA Championship of the Siberian Federal District. He performed in the category of less than 70 kg. He took part in and won street fighting championships Strelka a few times.



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