Mitrofanov is coming back to negotiate with investigation

Mitrofanov is coming back to negotiate with investigation
The defendant in the case the former State Duma Deputy Alexey Mitrofanov

Alexey Mitrofanov, the State Duma Deputy, said he would return to Russia and give testimony if they promise not to lock him up.

Alexey Mitrofanov, the former Head of the State Duma Committee on the information policy, who has been hiding from the investigation in Croatia for over 3 years, got in touch with the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow and offered a deal: he would return to Moscow and plead guilty, testifying on the extortion of 200 thousand dollars from Vyacheslav Zharov, the owner of a construction company. In return, the Investigation Committee must promise not to take him into custody.

The news was reported by Life, with a reference to a source in law enforcement.

It must be said that Mitrofanov has repeatedly stated that the he would turn himself in, but he is yet to do so. That is why the newspaper claims the investigation has no illusions whatsoever regarding the return of the ex-MP on the run.

According to investigators, Alexey Mitrofanov acted as a guarantor of the bribe transfer. The bribe was 200 thousand USD that Aleksander Derevschikov and Rashid Sautiev wanted to get from a businessman Vyacheslav Zharov allowing the decision of the Arbitration Court of Appeal would be made in his favor. The businessman had sued Arktur-stroi Company about the construction of a luxurious house in Kastanaevskaya Street.

Derevschikov and Sautiev have already been found guilty of swindling. On the 10th of June 2014, the State Duma stripped Mitrofanov of parliamentary immunity, because of the criminal case of attempted swindling. At a meeting with State Duma deputies Aleksander Buksman, the First Deputy Prosecutor General, said that the investigation has audio and video materials proving Mitrofanov's involvement in the attempted fraud.

Meanwhile, Mitrofanov disappeared. In November 2015 he was seen in Croatian Zagreb. According to Andrey Kiselev, Mirofanov's lawyer, his client has left to recuperate. Mitrofanov had been saying that he was seriously ill and was being treated. He claimed repeatedly that he would return to Russia and even named some specific return dates, however he never came home.

Vyacheslav Zharov fears that he could remain a victim till the end of his life. He argues that Mitrofanov used all his connections to escape punishment.

There is one version that claims Mitrofanov's new promises as well as his attempts to negotiate with the investigation may be related to the fact that there has been an international wanted notice issued for him.

A request to do so was sent by the investigators to Aleksander Bastrykin, the Head of Investigative Committee, in August 2015. However, in May 2016 the motion still was not signed. According to Life, the motion may now have been confirmed which could have scared Mitrofanov off.

It should be noted that in January 2016 the ex-Deputy’s name appeared in yet another criminal case. Anna Dergileva, the wife of Oleg Dergilev, who had owned Gorilka retail chain in Samara, filed a criminal complaint against Aleksey Mitrofanov (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code - Swindling). After her husband died she found 4 promissory notes by Mitrofanov for 67 million rubles. In June, Dergileva appealed to law enforcement agencies to check Mitrofanov for involvement in her husband's murder. She believes Mitrofanov took a loan of 1.4 million euros from Dergilev without planning to give the money back. In 2013 unknown assailants shot Oleg Dergilev in Samara.



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