Mistakes of Ural doctors lead to death of retired police major

Mistakes of Ural doctors lead to death of retired police major

The former district officer underwent more than five surgeries; the investigation is underway.

Yekaterinburg’s Verkh-Isetsky Court obliged two hospitals to pay 800,000 rubles ($ 12,000) to the relatives of Vyacheslav Lopatin, a retired police major, who died due to the doctors’ mistakes. At the same time, his stepson was considered an inappropriate claimant, although in the criminal case he was recognized as a victim, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.

In 2017, the 58-year-old ex-district officer started suffering from rectum problems, and he was operated on at Sverdlovsk Regional Clinical Hospital (OKB) No. 1. After that, Lopatin’s condition worsened drastically, and he underwent five more surgeries at Pervouralsk City Hospital. The ex-policeman had to be put in an artificial coma. He did not feel any better, the seams went apart, and the area where surgery was conducted began festering.

His wife and sons asked to place Lopatin under the supervision of more qualified physicians to a hospital in Yekaterinburg, but soon they learned about the death of the former district police officer. The ICR’s Directorate initiated a criminal case on causing death by negligence (part 2 of Article 109 CCRF). The examination showed that doctors made a mistake when assessing the scale of the problem, choosing the method of its solution, and also did not contact the more experienced doctors in time. The regional Ministry of Health recognized the violations.



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