Missing USSR diplomat's widow Rimma Beletskaya accused of organizing assassination of her second husband

Missing USSR diplomat's widow Rimma Beletskaya accused of organizing assassination of her second husband

Travel restrictions have been imposed on Beletskaya. However, she is still missing.

Missing USSR diplomat Viktor Beletsky's widow Rimma Beletskaya was accused of organizing the assassination of her second husband. The Court charged her in absentia, REN TV reported. Travel restrictions have been imposed on Beletskaya. She has been missing since 2013.

Beletskaya and her daughter Valeriya Kuzmina organized the assassination of Oleg Baev, Beletskaya's second husband, according to investigators. The women contacted Bogov, a hitman. He agreed to kill Baev for $5,000 Kuzmina paid him $3,000 in advance in November 2003. Beletskaya handed a photo of Baev to the hitman and told him his address and a phone number. She also revealed the routs he often used. Bogov was to shoot Baev after he entered the front door of their apartment house. The women demanded a photo to prove Baev was killed in case it happened in some other place.

However, Bogov refused to kill Baev and told him about the plan. The police arrested him in 2004. For some reasons, the police began investigating the woman only in February 2018, 14 years after the fact. Beletskaya was charged in absentia on June 8, 2018. However, she has been missing since 2013.

Prior to 2013, Beletskaya lived on the money she made renting out a cottage in the Rublevka area. She had received it from her first husband, Viktor Beletsky. Businessman Igor Samsonov would pay Beletskaya $6.5 thousand a month. However, he began delaying payments and eventually stopped paying whatsoever. He later accused the widow of stealing 22 million rubles ($351 thousand) worth of property from the cottage. Beletskaya asked journalists and human rights activists for help. The story made the headlines.

After a while, Baev laid claim to some of Beletskaya's property. Beletskaya began receiving threats from gangsters. The widow suddenly disappeared in 2013. Beletskaya's attorney Rolan Eminov initially thought that his client had taken her sons on vacation. However, the family did not return in the fall. The police began investigating whether Beletskaya and her sons were kidnapped.

Two years later, the police discovered evidence that there had been a fight in her apartment. In 2016, Eminov said that the police were no longer investigating her kidnapping, but rather her murder. The police arrested Beletskaya's son-in-law whom they suspected of being involved in the theft of Samsonov's property. He is a key suspect in her murder investigation.



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