Missing BlaBlaCar client found dead near Serpukhov

Missing BlaBlaCar client found dead near Serpukhov
Irina Akhmatova

The police found the body of 29-year-old director of two Moscow Burger King restaurants Irina Akhmatova. Its whereabouts was revealed by the killer.

Recidivist Vitaly Chikirev, who was arrested on suspicion of her murder, disclosed the place where he hid the body of his victim. When he was taken there to check the testimony on the ground, he indicated where he hid the body of the woman.

Recall that Irina Akhmatova disappeared during a trip from Moscow to Tula on December 23. It was reported that Akhmatova was carrying the passenger she found through the BlaBlaCar service. Later, her car with a cleaned cabin and rooms was discovered in a parking lot in Yaroslavl. On December 30, police officers detained a suspect, who was repeatedly convicted, Vitaly Chikirev. During the interrogation, he admitted his guilt, noting that the motive for the murder was the robbery.

Today, the Moscow Meshchansky Court arrested a suspect for two months.



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