Miracles of Russian justice. How case against Rostov detective Lores Vartanyan was closed 

Miracles of Russian justice. How case against Rostov detective Lores Vartanyan was closed
The case of the police officer is closed Photo: The CrimeRussia

Russian detective, not guilty of anything, was accused of malfeasances, but during the investigation it has become clear that in his actions there was no corpus delicti, and criminal case against him was closed. One would say: it is so pleasant that investigating authorities of the Rostov Region managed to discover the truth and a law-abiding police officer will not incur undeserved punishment.

Thus, the criminal case initiated in April, 2016  against head of the criminal investigation department of Egorlyksky district of the Rostov Region Lores Vartanyan, about whom the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, gained a very unexpected development. The police officer was suspected of “swindle, committed by a person with use of his official position, and on a large scale” (part 3 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). According to the investigators, Vartanyan systematically fabricated criminal cases, as a rule, connected with illicit trafficking in narcotic substances. Without waiting for official brining of charges to their employee, the General Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Rostov Region dismissed Vartanyan.

Not so long ago the CrimeRussia discovered that after 11 months of legal investigation of the case of deputy head of Zernogradsky Interdistrict Investigation Department of Investigation Directorate of Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Rostov Region Roman Kosenko, decree on its closing was issued. The official reason was absence in actions of police corpus delicti. Now Lores Vartanyan has the right for rehabilitation, and will probably be restored on service. It would seem, it is possible to be glad for the person, but circumstances under which the aforesaid has become possible look very suspiciously. This was reported to the CrimeRussia by a source.


Prosecutor of Egorlyksky district Sergey Horoshilov

To recall, the basis of the criminal case against Vartanyan was formed by the situation, which happened to Evgenia Chub's son Aleksander. The investigation suspected that many other criminal cases initiated by Vartanyan were similar to his history. On September 11, 2015 in the village Egorlykskaya of the Rostov Region the car with Aleksander Chub was detained. At personal inspection a package of marijuana was found at him, this became the reason of initiation of legal proceedings under the relevant article. After holding investigative and operational actions, Chub was released on recognizance, and in 2 days after that, his mother Evgenia Chub received an offer to ‘resolve an issue’ for modest, to present measures, sum of 200 thousand rubles from head of criminal investigation department of Egorlyksky district of the Rostov Region Lores Vartanyan. The meeting happened. During the internal conversation, according to Evgenia Chub, Vartanyan repeatedly declared about his friendship with prosecutor of the area Sergey Horoshilov, the chief of police and regional generals. Communications in the law enforcement environment could probably help the police officer to avoid criminal liability in the future. Also high-ranking relatives could help him in it - not a secret that Lores Vartanyan is a nephew of former Minister of Transport of the Rostov Region Dzhivan Vartanyan. By the way, a few years ago Dzhivan Vartanyan's son got involved in a bad story in Moscow - he was detained on suspicion of thefts of car numbers for the purpose of further extortion of money at car owners. However, absolutely nothing was reported about the further development of the episode, that would say that the case was ‘closed’, as well as in a case with Lores Vartanyan. 

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Dzhivan Vartanyan

In the case of Lores Vartanyan everything was difficult. Sources of the CrimeRussia reported that the prosecutor of Egorlyksky district of the Rostov Region Sergey Horoshilov, after discovering that Vartanyan got in criminal case, clutched his head. No wonder: he approved all indictments on affairs, which came from Vartanyan's department. They say, in an anger rush Horoshilov thrown out the leather chair presented to him by Vartanyan, and made it under the screen of night – so that nobody would see.

Also the CrimeRussia’s source reported that the Zernogradsky interdistrict department of Investigation Directorate of the ICR of the Rostov Region promotes closing of the Vartanyan's case. Someone even claimed that the case is being frankly disorganized, and acceleration of this process was paid with 20 million rubles, which were distributed on offices of the management of regional ICR and directly to investigators of Zernogradsky department.

But Sergey Horoshilov, seemingly, tried to be objective, despite everything, about what his requirement witnesses where it was said that “when studying the criminal case file number 20161571117, initiated against Vartanyan L. M. under part 3 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, gross violations of the federal legislation allowed during preliminary investigation are established”. As appears from the document which then has appeared at our disposal, within legal investigation “witnesses of a crime still have not been interviewed, seizure of documents is not made and case against Aleksander Chuba is not studied". The prosecutor insistently demanded to eliminate all described violations and to bring investigation to the logical end. It is curious that the behavior of the prosecutor sharply contradicted with the information, which at a personal meeting with Evgenia Chub was read by employees of the investigation. Thus, head of Zernogradsky Interdistrict Investigation Department Jan Nikasov and his deputy Roman Kosenko who directly processed case on a tape recorder confirmed information that Lores Vartanyan's uncle has allegedly resolved all issues with regional prosecutor's office and that interferes with investigation. In a conversation Nikasov and Kosenko reported that legal investigation is complete, but everything has clogged on the prosecutor who for some reason does not sign the indictment therefore business does not go to court.

Now these contradictions in words and actions of Nikasov, Kosenko and Horoshilov can serve as indirect confirmation of the corruption background of solution of the case of Vartanyan.

The CrimeRussia’s source discovered that right after the notice on the termination of criminal prosecution of the police officer Evgeny Chub, recognized as the civil claimant on criminal case, addressed the prosecutor of Egorlyksky district with three complaints (separately from the main criminal case) on inaction of investigators of Zernogradsky Interdistrict Investigation Department, who in her opinion, “slower” her applications for Lores Vartanyan and other police officers of Egorlyk.

Horoshilov ‘lowered’ the complaint to the newly appointed assistant Roman Skvortsov who, according to a source of the CrimeRussia, was Lores Vartanyan's lawyer until recently. Skvortsov protected Vartanyan during preliminary investigation, and the assistant to the Egorlyksky prosecutor was appointed exactly in two weeks before the decision on closing of criminal case was made. On a twist of fate his competence, in addition, had included supervision of Vartanyan's case, that is, having held a post of the assistant to the regional prosecutor, he has bought tools for disorder of business of the principal. According to data from open sources, before the lawyer practice Skvortsov was a chief already known to us Zernogradsky Interdistrict Investigation Department from where he was dismissed.

Without waiting for the answer from Skvortsov, on May 12 Evgenia Chub has made the repeated complaint which was considered by prosecutor's office in defiance of the Federal Law “On Prosecutor's Office” of 45 days (under the law on the answer 30 days are allotted), but after all Chub's answer was given. There it was specified that in actions of investigators of Zernogradsky Interdistrict Investigation Department of violations it is not revealed.

Evgenia Chub decided to go further and appealed to Egorlyksky district court with the complaint as Art. 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation to illegal actions of staff of prosecutor's office in the person of the acting prosecutor of Egorlyksky district of the adviser of justice Dobkin who for the period of the holiday replaced Sergey Horoshilov. According to a source, one more complaint, which arrived from Chub Dobkin readdressed Skvortsova who also has signed it.

Meanwhile, the Egorlyksky court in the person of the judge V. A. Nayda did not accept Chub’s complaint, specifying, according to a source that she can not appeal against Dobkin's decision.

Elena Chub, as the source told, prepares the appeal complaint to the judgment now, and again handled it with new complaints addressed to the prosecutor of Egorlyksky district to inaction of Zernogradsky Interdistrict Investigation Department. New complaints was again distributed to the assistant prosecutor of Egorlyksky district Roman Skvortsov, and he, in turn, redirected to their head of Zernogradsky Interdistrict Investigation Department Jan Nikasov. That is Skvortsov asked his colleague to sort the complaint to himself.

It turns out that the majority of the complaints written by Evgenia Chub are distributed to the assistant prosecutor Roman Skvortsov – in the recent past to Vartanyan's defender in every possible way motivated (generally financially) to the aid of the principal and the supplier of the fees. Moreover, as we know, Skvortsov is in the friendly relations with Vartanyan to this day and continues to render legal maintenance of his business.

As a matter of fact, such simple way criminal prosecution of the chief of criminal investigation department of Egorlyksky district of the Rostov Region Lores Vartanyan was stopped. About strangenesses of this case we will provide to judge to the reader.    




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