Minsk: police disrupts lecture of opposition journalists 

Minsk: police disrupts lecture of opposition journalists
Detention of lecture organizers

The organizers have been detained; their personal belongings will be sent for examination.

In the capital of Belarus, police have disrupted the presentation of the Moloko Plus magazine. This is reported by the magazine’s group in social networks.

The purpose of the presentation was to explain how to create a small media. However, before the event, law enforcement officers appeared at the entrance to the premises. The police were filming everyone who entered the building. In addition, the law enforcers demanded the participants to show their IDs and interrogated them. 


The organizers had to publish a warning to those who wanted to attend the presentation in social networks, offering them to “weigh all the risks” before they came. Shortly afterwards, the organizers of the event, Pavel Nikulin and Yan Potarsky, were detained and taken to the Sovetsky police station in Minsk. Brochures and T-shirts were also seized from them. The detainees were told that their belongings would be checked for extremism.



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