Ministry of Internal Affairs to pay informants up to $150k

Ministry of Internal Affairs to pay informants up to $150k

The police will appeal to the citizens on the Ministry’s official website, in the press, and on information boards.

The Ministry of Justice officially registered the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the payment of money to people who help in the detection of crimes, the search for suspects or witnesses. Depending on how valuable the information will be, the Ministry is ready to pay amounts up to several million rubles and more. At the same time, foreigners and stateless people can also count on remuneration. Previously, the Ministry of Interior regulations did not provide for monetary rewards.

The document says that if the police need the citizens’ help, they will publish information about this on the official website, in the press or on an information board. The message should contain information about the suspect, as well as the amount of remuneration and terms of payment.

At the same time, the remuneration of up to 500 thousand rubles ($7,461) is given by the decision of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the region; as for the amounts of up to 3 million rubles ($44,771), they will be paid by the decision of First Deputy Head of the Ministry, Aleksandr Gorovoy. The sums exceeding 3 million rubles will be granted with the permission of Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police General Vladimir Kolokoltsev.



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